Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration Fee/Membership Fee is only RS. 500/- for one year. This is the lowest membership fee in India in the legal websites.
  2. Advocates Group is a web portal where a number of lawyers database are consists.
  3. Lawyer’s authenticity will be verifying by the Bar Council to avoid the fake data enrollment in the website.
  4. This website shares or displays only your professional data this is useful for the potential clients who need to contact with the lawyers.
  5. This website does not ensure the clients will contact the all lawyers given in the database, it depends upon the clients.
  6. In view of clients, to choose the lawyers to solve the legal problems and evaluate the lawyers, web site does not ensure the potential of the lawyers.
  7. Advocates Group is not responsible for any harm caused by the lawyers.
  8. Advocates Group does not ensure to win or lose the legal cases.
  9. The descriptions of laws have given in detail to enlarge the knowledge according to the amendment by the constitutions of India, nothing else.
  10. Advocates Group is governed by according to the laws.
  11. Advocates Group is dedicated to enhance lawyer’s database for the purpose of marketing or services to resolve the legal issues.
  12. The information given in the registration form by the lawyers is verified by the Local BAR Council but not responsible by this website, clients must be known the lawyers who can resolve their legal problems.
  13. Registration fee is for lawyers only for one year subscription not for users.
  14. Registration charge of Advocates Group is for assistance to run the website but it does not mean to provide the clients.
  15. Advocates Group only collects the professional skills of the lawyers not the personal information.
  16. Advocates Group is not a legal firm; it is a website to advertise the lawyer’s skills to encourage them.